mall n.

A large concentration of leading retail and service businesses.  A modern version of the traditional marketplace that differs from its antecedents in that the stores are usually amalgamated into one encompassing structure.

online mall n.

Same as above, but without the added time, hassle, and inconvenience.


New Online Mall Makes Shopping Easy

Direct links to the most popular online stores

Scottsdale, AZ November 28, 2004 -- Just in time for the holidays, Radok Corporation is announcing its latest website designed exclusively for online shoppers. eliminates the frustration of typical searches by providing only the best and most trusted stores on the Internet.

The shopping site is designed into three comprehensive sections:

[1 - Personal] For men, women, kids, and pets, provides direct links to the most popular online apparel, accessory, beauty, jewelry, pet, and toy stores;

[2 - Products] Provides a comprehensive list of all the leading department stores, discount stores, consumer electronics, gadget, and computer retailers, home improvement, sporting goods, and automotive stores;

[3 - Business & Travel] The business and travel section provides a list of direct links for online resellers of office supplies, equipment, furniture, printing and mail services, and a comprehensive travel section listing all major city guides, airlines, hotels, rental cars, and reservation services.

While there are only three primary sections, don't let its simplicity fool you. Anyone who has tried to find anything among the more than 8 billion pages of clutter will quickly appreciate that finding the best stores on the Internet can be a daunting task.

The staff at routinely research, rate, (and eliminate) thousands of shopping websites - so its users don't have to. This involves finding trustworthy stores that offer secure online shopping, intuitive and easy-to-use navigation, and posted return policies - without all the spammy, distracting, or valueless content found on most e-commerce websites.

While the number of stores in its online mall change daily, there are approximately 600 stores between the Personal, Products, and Business sections, plus another 100 or so on its specialty 'Gift Ideas' page.

Development for the online mall started in 2001, but there were early obstacles following the period when many Internet firms were struggling to survive - or failing entirely. "In the early stages, the online businesses weren't stable enough for us," said Steve Ross, vice president of Radok Corporation. "As soon as we would review and select a group of sites for inclusion, half of the companies would go out of business." Three years later, e-commerce has matured significantly, and is much less ephemeral. "Now, with search engines competing to be the biggest, there is a unique opportunity to introduce a quality-oriented shopping directory that allows people to find a store or product quickly," Ross added.

About is owned and operated by Radok Corporation ( of Scottsdale, Arizona. Radok is a leading global Internet firm that has developed hundreds of successful websites in a variety of consumer and business-to-business markets.

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