Can't Find A Store?

If one of your favorite stores is not listed, there is probably a good reason.

Look at the shopping site carefully before contacting us. In most cases, there is no online shopping cart, has poor navigation, or it is missing other criteria necessary for inclusion in this site.

If you have a site suggestion that meets our criteria (see right), please send us the site address here.

Note: Many large specialty products and clothier brands do not provide online shopping to prevent competing against their existing retail channels.

Shopping Column

Suggest A Website - Submission Guidelines

The Shopping website is based on providing the highest quality shopping experience for its users.

As such, we are extremely picky as to the type and quality of the websites that we include in the three primary category pages of this site.

Website Submission Criteria:

Professional in Appearance.  The website must be professional in appearance.  Distracting backgrounds, slow-loading pages, poor font contrast, flashing images, marquees, or any sound files will be eliminated from consideration.

Easy-use-use, Intuitive Navigation.  The website must provide easy-to-use, intuitive navigation so shoppers can quickly find the information they are looking for.  Redirected pages (using REFRESH, JavaScript, or 301-redirects) or disabling proper use of the 'Back' button (on purpose or by poor web design) will be reasons to exclude the site.

Shopper Disclosure.  Shoppers must have clear access to the site's terms and conditions, including purchase options, applicable sales tax, company's return policy, and full contact information.

Online Shopping Security.  Each website submitted must include an integrated shopping cart with secure (SSL) technology with a valid digital certificate that provides a quick, easy, and secure online shopping experience.

Credit Card Acceptance.  The website owner must have their own merchant account and offer online payment by (minimum) VISA and MasterCard, and (ideally) additionally offer AMEX and Discover credit cards.  No PayPal-only sites will be considered.

Telephone Ordering.  For shoppers who prefer not to order online, a telephone ordering desk must be provided to allow telephone orders during normal business hours.

Match an Existing Category.  The Shopping staff have spent hundreds of hours designing the optimum categories for what shoppers look for the most.  Each website submission must fall into an existing category to be considered for inclusion.  We are NOT looking for industrial websites, adult-oriented sites, military, or other non-consumer sites that do not conform to our format.  Family-friendly submissions ONLY.

No Spammy Content.  Affiliate websites are not allowed, nor are sites that provide any advertising (on-page, popups, or redirects) for products or services not sold directly by the website owner.

If your website meets the above criteria,
we encourage you to send the website URL address here.